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My son absolutely loved the Robin Hood adventure. Would highly recommend. Thanks for a great read!


Hi mark! Finished reading fluke and tash a couple days ago ( you gave me a signed book for Christmas:D ) and I found it AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also Iā€™m going to buy all your others cos your books are amazing. Bye!

Ps: my mums called tash šŸ˜œ


Great book keep on doing the good work love the books but the one I like the most is robin hood


I really like the book because of the descriptive features and the strangeness of the "Nummers" in the character section on this site. I am also glad that I got to meet the author Mark Elvy and have him sign the book for me. :D (I bought the book of the Egyptian adventures).


I am lucky enough to have a signed copy of both books. I have read them to my 4 years old at bed time, generally 1 chapter each night. He loved the characters, the magic and the story. He still asks to read them again and again. Well done Mark, keep it up please.


Hi Mark, We met you at Langleybury Farm a few months back and bought your Egyptian Adventure. Just wanted to say how much my 9-yr-old son loved it! He would now love to read the Robin Hood adventure (how can I get it?) and is excited about a new story coming in Ancient Greece! Well done to you for such lovely books, hope your success continues! šŸ˜Š


Thank you so much for signing my books, I love the adventures of Fluke and Tash they are very creative. I first found out about these excellent books when my auntie bought them for me for my birthday and I loved the look of them. My favourite character is Fluke because I love dogs and he's so cute! Thank you so much for bringing these books out for me to read. Christie 10 x


The moment my niece got hold of this book it was glued to her hands until she reached the last page! In all honesty, i'm rather jealous she got their before me! Excellent author and Excellent book ***** Well Done!
Mike & Rhiannon

Mike & Rhiannon

Thank you for signing my books šŸ˜Š
I really enjoyed reading Fluke and Tash Adventures with Robin Hood. My favourite part of the story was when Fluke and Tash first meet and when Fluke gets chased by an angry bull that was really funny. I am really looking forward to reading Fluke and Tash Egyptian Adventures.
Lainey age 10


I have read both of the books published so far, The Tales of Fluke and Tash Robin Hood Adventure plus Egyptian Adventure and was very impressed with them. The stories grab your attention from the outset, there are some very comical sections but at the same time some accurate informative chapters. Just the sort of books to encourage children into a healthy reading habit. Can thoroughly recommend....


We bought your book and met you when we went to the Berkhamsted arts and crafts fair. I liked the book because it was an adventure book and I love adventures. The book was so exciting that at bedtime if I wanted to read your book I would but if I got sleepy I would still want to read but I couldn't because I couldn't keep my eyes open. My favourite part was when Robin and Marion were getting married. looking forward to reading your next book from Rheya age eight


We bought your first book at the Aston Clinton craft fayre and you kindly signed it for our granddaughter, Amelie. She was really pleased with that and has thoroughly enjoyed it. She is now waiting for us to buy her the next book.


Hi Mark, My mum bought my brother and I your 2 books for our great school reports. (The tea lady from Haddenham craft market) I have just read the first adventure of 'Fluke and Tash' and I am starting next on my brother's book (the second adventure). It took me only about 2 weeks to read it all and I have really enjoyed the story. Thank you for signing our books. Please keep writing loads more ... oh and I would like to read an adventure that takes them back to the age of dinosaurs, if you feel like writing more.


Hi Mark
I saw you at my school fete, and my mum brought me The tales of Fluke and Tash. I thought it was going to be a normal book to go on the book shelf, but I've not put it down yet! It is very funny and I love it. I can't wait to read the next one. What about Fluke and Tash going on a stone age adventure! Best book ever!
Isobel aged 8 3/4


Hi Mark!
I saw you at play chartridge!
I was with three other girls.
Do you remember?
I want to say that this book was brilliant!!!
I can not wait until the next book comes out!
I think they should go to Alice in wonderland!!!


My 8 year old son loves the book he wouldn't put down once he started reading it. Thanks for signing his book too Mark he was so chuffed šŸ˜Š


Must read for children from 7 upwards, fun, fantastic and great imagination, adults will enjoy this too. Looking forward to next adventure!

M Workman

Leaves a lovely first insight
can't wait to see and read the book

T Kuehme

Well done, really good website. Are you sure you snore!

B Rolfe