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We’re not your average family pets, not by a long way! It’s lucky that you found us in, we’re normally out, travelling the world in search of exciting new adventures.

I’m Fluke, a Dalmatian puppy, and I’m Tash the family cat. You can also meet our little friends, the Nummers, who share some of our adventures.

Parents will tell you magic is all make believe, but hey, what do they know, and what if they’re wrong….?

Magic exists, it really does. Using our special time travelling suitcase, we’re able to visit anywhere, and any time in history we want. We’ve already had some amazing adventures, met some really interesting characters, and thought we would share some of our stories with you.

We’d love to hear from you, and would like to know what you think about our adventures.

Please leave us a message on our contact page, and when we can, we’ll try to answer any of your questions.

We’ve only just started to write about our adventures. It takes us a while to write a book as we’re not that fast at typing, our paws weren’t designed for a keyboard! So to see what we’ve written so far, please go to the book section. You can also see what we have planned for future adventures.

You can even help decide where our next adventure might be.

Where would you like us to go? Please let us know, and if possible we may even travel there and tell you all about it!