Hi, and Welcome to my website. I’m Mark Elvy, author of the children’s adventure books ‘The Tales of Fluke and Tash’

Meet Fluke, a Dalmatian puppy, and Tash the family cat. Using their magic time travelling suitcase, they take you on a breath taking and often hilarious journey through history.

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Be inspired – Read every day. I remember when I was a child the first book I ever read and how it changed my life completely

The enjoyment and happiness I felt after finishing the book amazed me. I couldn’t wait to buy my next book.

If I can give back that same feeling to my readers, then I’ll be a very happy author.

Fluke and Tash need your help! They’re looking for some new story ideas, so why not get involved and tell us what adventures you want them to go on next.

The journey of a lifetime starts with the turn of a page – ‘Rachel Anders’